Malvern Storytellers

Malvern Hills
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Come and tell a story or just come and listen, as you wish. We have suggested optional themes for each evening, but come and tell your story even if it does not fit the theme. This year we have chosen themes related to the calendar year.

This year we will meet on the third Tuesday of the month, except where shown otherwise.

2024 Programme

9th January

New year, new opportunities. Let go the old, welcome in the new, change and transformation.

Club night in the Purple Room (to the left of the main entrance) at the Malvern Cube at 7:30 PM. Entrance £3.

Wednesday 14th February

Special Event

Malvern Storytellers in conjunction with Malvern Cube, invite you to invite you to a Valentine's Day performance by acclaimed storytellers

Ben Haggarty and Steph Brittain

20 February

Valentines day. Leap year in 2024.

Club night in the Green Room at the Malvern Cube at 7:30 PM. Entrance £3.

19th March Club night with themes Spring, hope, Spring Equinox, March Hares.
16th April Approaching Beltane, Fire, fertility.
21st May Riches, celebration, marriage.
18th June Midsummer, longest day, power.
16th July Summer. Holidays, adventures, change of scenery.
Summer break
17th September Autumn Equinox, Harvest, Nature
15th October Halloween, Spirits, ghosts.
19th November Stars, star myths, dark nights.
17th December Christmas stories, winter solstice, ice and frost..

Looking forward to seeing you…