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Malvern Hills
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Come and tell a story or just come and listen, as you wish. We have suggested themes for each evening, but come and tell your story even if it does not fit the theme.

2021 Programme

13th January Overcoming Obstacles and Disasters

The mind boggles with the opportunities, both physical and metaphorical!

10th February Rags to riches
10th March Journey to the Ends of the Earth
14th April Animal tales
12th May Rocky road to love
9th June Creation myths and stories
13th July Heroines and Heroes
8th September Midnight Frolics and Adventures

There are many stories of what happens at midnight, and after (not mentioning Cinderella, for a start) Frogs or camels who turn into princes, children who get up to mischief, young girls who dance the night away, monsters who come out in the night...and perhap even the Devil himself may appear?

13th October Unlikely but True
10th November

Beneath the Waves

Beneath the waves you can find fishes, silkies, monsters, aqua-lung divers and many other things. What will appear in the stories? Come and find out.

8th December Monsters or magical beasties

Looking forward to seeing you…

Download the entire Programme for 2021 as a PDF